Thank you for your Interest in The Pronto Timing System. Please contact us at (561) 376-4992 for more information.

TSLive Module

Real Time results sent to your website.

TSLive calculates results after each car finishes and sends results to your website. Pax and Raw times are also calculated after each car finishes.


  • Hands Off Operation
  • Updates website after each car finishes
  • Push Manual Class updates by Entering Class
  • No Website Backend Software required
  • Options for Sending Pax and Raw Results
  • Works with TSAdmin Check In to Highlight Drivers Who Have Checked In
  • Customize with Local CSS Sheets
  • Supports RallyCross Scoring, DNFs, and Missed Gates
  • Updates Run Ticker with last 6 Cars that Finished
  • Customizable Website Page
  • Small Upload File Sizes
  • 24/7 Phone, Email and Text support
  • And Much More