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TSAdmin Module

Event Setup, Administration, Reports, and On Site Registration

TSAdmin is the center point for all event administration. New event creation, all pre-event setup, registration importing, work assigments, run/work order are done through this module.


  • Quick and Simple Data Entry for Walk Up Entries
  • Direct MotorSports Registration Data Importing
  • Custom scripting for any on line registration format
  • Simple on site registration/check in with barcode printing and missing check in report
  • Season Class and Pax Points with custom points formulas, event qualifications, and max events
  • Custom Grid Run Order and Grid Sheets
  • Automatic Run/Work order generation with manual overrides
  • Multi Day and Multi Course Scoring
  • Custom Event Class Templates with Multiple Event Types
  • Support RallyCross Classes, Ruleset, and Scoring
  • 24/7 Phone, Email and Text support
  • And Much More