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TSEntry Module

Real Time event car staging, run time assignment, apply penalities, along with barcode scanning for car staging

TSEntry is the heart of Pronto to make the event run smoothly and efficently. Car Staging, Run Time Assigment, and Adding Penalities are done through this module.


  • Simple Excel Like Interface
  • Extemely Easy Car Staging Entry
  • Direct Barcode Car Staging without Operator Involvment
  • Large Buttons or Hotkeys for Entering (and Removing) Penalties
  • Selectable Car Number Validation
  • Optional Time Slip Printing with Custom Information Including Pax Time
  • Send Time or Pax Time to Secondary Display
  • Ignore Minimum or Maximum Time
  • One Hotkey to Simplify If Course Worker Runs Through Lights
  • Simple Car Number/Class fix for entry errors
  • Car Number Placeholder to Prevent Holding Up Event
  • 24/7 Phone, Email and Text support
  • And Much More