Pronto Timing System Information

The Pronto Timing System is a modular system that can be configured to run on one computer or distributed across multiple computers on your network.


This module is used for event admistration. It is used for registration, reports, auditing, run/work order, work assignments, grid sheets, run order, etc. This is a required module for event operation.

This module is streamlined to only capture the driver's run times and enter penalties. Since it is single focused, the operator can concentrate on the task at hand and mistakes are less likely. It has a very user friendly interface that is simple, allowing for quick training of new operators.

This optional module is used to show live updated results in real time making it easy for an announcer to relay this information the participants. All results are updated automatically after each car passes the finish line. TSAnnounce is updated with information about the finishing driver, letting the announcer know what place the driver moved into, if the current run was faster or slower than previous runs, and how far back they are from the lead. The module also shows the cars in grid and what time they need to run to take the lead.

This optional module is used with TSAnnounce to send results to your clubs website in real time. Drivers can see how they are doing in real time by checking your club's website for the results updated after every run.

This optional module is used with TSEntry to enter each car as it comes to the line so that the TSEntry operator does not have to manually enter every car. Barcodes are printed on inexpensive, water proof labels that are attached to the driver's helmet.

This optional module will allow your region to put on a RallyCross with the full SCCA RallyCross rule set.

Example Results

Here is an example of the results from the TSAdmin program that can be printed at anytime to display at the event or to post to your club's website.